Stella McCartney: Ready to Glare

I snapped this photograph on Bruton Street on my iPhone this evening en route to the underground. In isolation, the “over the top” display of Christmas lights would undoubtedly be considered tacky. But bizarrely, when contrasted with the surounding tasteful and minimalist neighbours (all high end brands and fancy art), the garish colours morph into something quite beautiful and joyful. There is definitely something refreshingly normal and homely about this display that yells out CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

Author: Lexa

Enjoying life and the crazy beautiful things in it.

7 thoughts

  1. I agree. I spent a day photographing classy, subtle decorations on Bond Street, then laughed when I turned the corner into Bruton Street and saw the Stella McCartney lights.


  2. I will try and find the Bond Street lights on your site. They are really v delicate and pretty. I wrote a post (my second! – I am relatively new to this) re: the beautiful Bond Street Christmas lights. I love your pics by the way. So crisp. Have you photographed around Brown Hart Gardens yet? And the back of Grosvenor Hill? Which is going through a few changes at the moment. Aren’t we lucky to live in such a beautiful City?!


    1. They are pretty awesome and I am not sure if you know the street… But they are so out of character with the surroundings that they make them even more bling-tastic!!!!! Happy festive season!


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