Cyclepod Ciggie

Adore this photo because the image it portrays is in complete contrast to the day I have just experienced (a tiny bit more about that in the para below). I don’t know this lady from Adam; but she looks sassy and kind of kick-ass in a “too-cool-for-school” kinda way. And I personally love the skinny black jean with heels and fur jacket ensemble – this combination looking particularly fabulous here alongside Cool Girl’s dark hair and heavy fringe. And whilst I certainly don’t condone smoking, I think you may agree that it adds to the atmosphere of this picture?

Taken by the cyclepods (the two-tier bike racks) outside London’s Waterloo Station, I expect Cool Girl was waiting for a taxi into SoHo / Hoxton for an evening of drinking and dancing. We on the other hand were just returning home after a super cute day with my sister (but not the one that wrote the “yellow” post the other day), her hub, my nephew (4) and “the twins” (girls 2.5yrs). So our day was filled with: pink; “lello” (translate = yellow); dolls; dropping hats; playing monsters; locating clean toilets; boat trip on the Thames; gloves; puddles; Giraffe (restaurant on Southbank); and Lego. It was just utterly  fabulous.

And while I wish Cool Girl a safe evening, I wouldn’t swap coming home to decorate the Christmas tree together for anything.

Author: Lexa

Enjoying life and the crazy beautiful things in it.

One thought

  1. She stands within the straight lines of the cycle racks , daring not to step outside of the box. Life is far more fun if we dip our toes out of the comfort of straight lines for once in a while and enjoy the wibbly wobbly fun of hanging mismatched decorations upon a tree.


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